Is the World Sleepwalking into a Nuclear Conflict?

The following are some notes on the Crisis in Ukraine.

The Monroe Doctrine

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of American world hegemony, the crash of the post WW2 financial system and the move away from the Petro$ as we are transitioning from an unipolar world into a multipolar one? This will never play out without a fight, speak a nuclear WW3.

Think of a Monopoly game where one player has amassed 60% of all the assets. There are only 2 solutions, drag on with the game to its inevitable and humiliating end or start a new game. The trillions of US debt was only possible because of the Petro$.

When Gaddafi challenged the Petro$ by pricing his oil in Gold Dinar he was quickly overthrown because he had no nuclear weapons. Now Russia (with China) is attempting the same to circumvent the sanctions. This will not be tolerated.

If even only one country prices it’s oil in anything other than the Petro$ the entire post WW2 financial system will collapse.

Bernie Sanders: Ukraine

There is never any justification for an invasion, whether in Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya, not to mention Palestine. This video might shed some light on the background of the conflict.

Julian Cribb: A Wider Perspective

Julian Cribb: The Rise and Rise of Petrofascism

Noam Chomsky: Big Oil and the Control of the Global Energy System, a Global Intervention Force

Mr. Col. Daniel Davis

Whenever the world economy was in freefall there was a World War. Today we have exactly the same conditions as before WW1 and WW2.

Are we sleepwalking into a nuclear exchange of the superpowers as they confront each other over Ukraine? There are forces pushing for that.

Nuclear weapons have been invented. Therefore they will again be used one day. That day might be now, or in the future.

Nuclear forces on high alert

Pathocracy, Psychopathy and Sociopathy

Tragically, some psychopaths are occupying the presidencies of nations. Putin is not alone in this. These paranoid men are highly dangerous. They should have never come anywhere near power.

Nuclear War Simulation – No Winners

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Lecture, Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?

Prof. John Mearsheimer: NATO’s Ukraine Mistake ♥️

The Great Delusion

Oliver Stone: Ukraine on Fire (age restricted) ♥️

The Daily Brief

Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk made an impassioned plea to Mr Johnson to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine during a visit he made to Poland.

Her argument is World War Three is inevitable – there’s no escaping that – and she believes it would be over more quickly with less suffering if the West were to intervene now.

“You’re coming to Poland, you’re not coming to Kyiv,” she said, “because you are afraid, because Nato is not willing to defend, because Nato is afraid of World War III, but it has already started.”

Tulsi Gabbard: Is Ukraine a democracy?

It’s about water

Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

Has WW III already begun?

John Pilger: Hypocrisy

John Pilger: The Ukraine War and White Supremacy

Israel and Russia in Syria

Ukraine and the Nazis

John Pilger: Dublin, No Credibility Whatsoever

Noam Chomsky: Covid, Big Pharma and Ukraine (Ukraine video only) (Full video: Covid, Big Pharma and Ukraine)

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Poking the bear into the eye

Noam Chomsky: Proxy War

CIA and National Security Interests

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Discussion Panel (Recently), on Ukraine. The False Narrative of resurrecting the Soviet Union or a Greater Russia

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Poking the Russian bear into the eye

Noam Chomsky: After Dangerous Proxy War, Keeping Ukraine Neutral Offers Path to Peace with Russia

Prof. John Mearsheimer: On NATO Expansion and the Creation of the Russia Expansionist Story. Should Ukraine be broken up? Poking the Bear into the Eye

Democracy Now: Ukraine is paying the price for the US recklessly pushing NATO expansion. Interview with Andrew Bacevich

Noam Chomsky: The US is the World’s Biggest Terrorist (6 years ago)

Not one inch eastwards and NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard

Paradigm Shift and a Multipolar World

The Power Pendulum swings from West to East

John Pilger: Cambodia and the Year Zero

Oliver Stone: Putin interviews Part 1 and 2

Prof. John Joseph Mearsheimer: A summary of the History and the Origins of the Ukrainian Crisis

An American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. He is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. He has been described as the most influential realist of his generation.

Prof John Mearsheimer: A Neutral Ukraine will be in everyone’s Interest

Stephen F. Cohen: The Ukrainian Crisis – It’s not All Putin’s Fault

Is China upsetting the geopolitical balance in the South Pacific (Solomon Islands)? Yes. 

Is the US/NATO upsetting the geopolitical balance in Europe (Ukraine)? Yes. 

Why is the Solomon Islands-China security pact causing alarm?

Why is the Solomon Islands-China security pact causing alarm? | Military News | Al Jazeera

Prof John Mearsheimer: War on Ukraine. Is there a Solution? (Further Links in Video Description)

Prof John Mearsheimer: War on Ukraine. Is there a Solution? (Further Links in Description)

Prof Stephen F Cohen: Russian Studies. US military assistance to Ukraine escalates US-Russia Cold War

Pope on Russian war in Ukraine

Maersheimer: Who gains the most from the Ukraine-Russia war?

Chomsky: To Tackle Climate, Our Morality Must Catch Up With Our Intelligence

Satan-2 hypersonic nuclear missiles

Is the US bankrupt? Let’s do the Math of American Debt

Oliver Stone: The Wall of Propaganda (full interview)

Peace not War

Chomsky: WAR in Ukraine is “AN INSANE EXPERIMENT” by the USA! (05/2022)

Declaration at the Bucharest NATO summit in 2008

NATO welcomes Ukraine’s and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations for membership in NATO. We agreed today that these countries will become members of NATO.

Jeffrey Sachs on Ending the Russia-Ukraine War

John Pilger: The Coming War on China, Documentary (2020)

Another Hiroshima is Coming -hiroshima-is-coming-unless-we-stop-it-now

The nuclear threat is now at the centre of the Ukraine crisis

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