World Oceans Day

The following is the 10 hour newsroom schedule for World Oceans Day on 8 June 2020. The newsroom was organised by the Documentary Media Centre in Leicester and was live streamed on Facebook. More resources on World Oceans Day can be found on the Documentary Media Centre’s resource page. The centre has its own YouTube channel.


World Oceans Day Speakers


Introduction to the 10 hour Newsroom

Julian Cribb

Julian Cribb

Julian Cribb joined us at 10am GMT from Canberra, Australia. Julian is an author and science communicator. He is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering (ATSE) and a member of the Australian National University Emeritus Faculty. Julian’s blog contains many articles about the upcoming climate catastrophe, such as The War on Global Carbon, Is a Food Crisis the next big hit for Humanity, Preparing for Catastrophic Risk, and others. He is a member of and contributor to the Commission for the Human Future.

Interview with Julian Cribb on 8 June 2020

Kavita Ashok

Kavita is an environmentalist, an environment and health activist, a TV panelist an actor model, a columnist and a motivational speaker. She has her own website and is the founder and president of her NGO, Tree for Life. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview with Kavita Ashok on 8 June 2020

Pallavi Priya

Pallavi Priya is the founder of Cause for Celebration, a grassroots organisation formed with the objective of bringing joy to the underprivileged sections of society through the mutual desires to help, connect, love and be loved. Cause for Celebration can also be found on Twitter. She is a social worker, environmentalist a keen traveler, a voice over artist and dreamer, according to her Twitter profile. She lives in Hyderabad, India. Pallavi Priya is talking in the interview below about her lockdown challenge.

Interview with Pallavi Priya on 8 June 2020

Alexandra Knight

Alexandra is based in the UK. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram and runs a climate change advert campaign with the aim to produce an educational climate change advert for global cinemas and television. The idea behind this petition is simple; collect signatures to support the creation of a short, relatable public information advert, that highlights why we need to protect our planet from climate change and the consequences of unsustainable commercial consumerism.

Interview with Alexandra Knight on 8 June 2020

Thomas Bowers

Thomas is from Leicester, UK. He is an archaeologist specialised in WW1/ WW2 with a keen interest in Roman Britain. He took a BA in archaeology at Bangor University and a MA at the University of Leicester. Thomas speaks about wreck salvage in the South China Sea and the environmental damage caused. He can be found on Twitter.

Interview with Thomas Bowers on 8 June 2020

Paul Dawson

Paul is based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a video producer who is sharing news about the climate crisis. He is a social media influencer with a Twitter profile of over 52 thousand followers.

Interview with Paul Dawson on 8 June 2020

Sarah Goody

Sarah is a 15-year old vegan climate activist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about raising awareness of climate change and empowering youth to act for their future. She is a passionate public speaker and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She and has her own website.

Sarah is involved with several organizations as a youth leader including Greening Forward, Earth Uprising, and Youth vs. Apocalypse. She founded Climate NOW, a youth-led group dedicated to bringing awareness to the power of youth in the climate movement. She has spoken at schools and rallies about the importance of our youth taking action and has appeared on podcasts and shows as a guest speaker. Sarah is a published author, with works in publications such as Teen Vogue and Forbes.

Interview with Sarah Goody on 8 June 2020

Rebecca Altman

Rebecca Altman was unfortunately not able to take part in the 10 hour newsroom due to a conflicting schedule. However, below is her TED talk on plastics of 2017.

Rebecca is a New England-based environmental sociologist with recent essays in Aeon MagazineThe Atlantic, and the Summer 2018 issue of Orion. She is the daughter of a former plastics maker and is at work on an intimate history of plastic. Other work explores the social history of chemistry, pollution, and environmental legacy— what is passed from one generation to the next (Terrain Publishing, 2018).

Rebecca Altman

Here is Rebecca’s story of the plastic bag, American Beauties and American Petrotopia, an intimate history of plastics, as well as her piece, A Letter to America.

Rebecca Altman on TED, Plastics run in my Blood


Further Reading

Vegan Action, June 4, 2019: Make a Change for World Oceans Day.

Yuva, June 8, 2018: World Oceans Day

United Nations, June 8, 2020: The Official United Nations World Oceans Day Portal.

The Commission for the Human Future is an Australian body committed to promoting solutions to threats facing humanity and the Planet: Commission for the Human Future.

Below is a podcast by Greta Thunberg, chronicling her recent experiences from her speech at the UN General Assembly to her journey on a catamaran across the Atlantic Ocean back to Europe. The podcast is divided in 12 chapters with unique headings:

1.) The UN Speech – 1:14:59 (00:00)
2.) Washington DC – 1:09:22 (05:36)
3.) Unite Behind the Science – 1:03:15 (11:40)
4.) Road Trip – 57:51 (17:07)
5.) The Beatle – 51:13 (23:43)
6.) The Glacier – 47:10 (27:53
7.) Paradise – 40:40 (34:13)
8.) Media – 33:12 (41:34)
9.) The Atlantic – 27:51 (47:09)
10.) Greenwashing – 20:44 (54:11)
11.) Corona – 13:21 (61:39)
12.) The Hope – 06:17 (68:29)

A Glimmer of Hope

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