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COP 27

COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh Now that COP 27 in Egypt has ended it is time to take stock. The overall consensus seems to be that COP27 was a massive failure because there was no progress in terms of carbon reduction or in setting more ambitious carbon goals. The very fact alone that COP27 saw over... Continue Reading →

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The Plastic Tap

Increasingly we hear the slogan, #TurnOffThePlasticTap. However, little is known as to what this actually means and where this proverbial plastic tap is to be found. I therefore went on a journey to find this not so mythical tap that needs to be turned off. For those who are not convinced that the tap needs... Continue Reading →

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Change without Change

There is almost unanimous agreement that we need to change the current trajectory that is hurling us towards a climate disaster. The reasons are manifold and have been widely discussed. However, we seem to want change without change. The problem is that while we all agree that the trajectory towards a fully blown climate breakdown... Continue Reading →

World Oceans Day

The following is the 10 hour newsroom schedule for World Oceans Day on 8 June 2020. The newsroom was organised by the Documentary Media Centre in Leicester and was live streamed on Facebook. More resources on World Oceans Day can be found on the Documentary Media Centre's resource page. The centre has its own YouTube... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 and Climate

Is there a link between the coronavirus crisis and the climate crisis and what is that link? This question has occupied me recently and I have been looking for answers. One thing, which immediately comes to mind is that both these crises reveal a great reluctance of governments to deal with them. It seems not... Continue Reading →

Social Media

Below is a video with my refections on the social media module, component C, at Leicester's De Montfort University. Learning in this module has been immense with the discovery of how to do a podcast, edit it, add a jingle at the beginning and end and post it as a blog in its own right... Continue Reading →

System Change

This podcast is a conversation with the climate communicator Hannah Charlotte. Hannah counts herself to the generation just before the Greta movement. She started her environmental journey at the age of sixteen. While working at the Top Shop retailer she realised that every piece of clothing, however small, was wrapped in plastic. She questioned why... Continue Reading →

From Model To Activist

This is a podcast with Kavita Ashok from Delhi, India. Kavita used to be a model who gave up her life of glamour, turned climate activist and went into the field of environmental social work. She runs a small NGO and is active in climate education, environmental issues, plastic pollution and community health. Kavita speaks... Continue Reading →

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